Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That is why we all get MARRIED.

Yay! Splurge Monday’s! I love Channel and this Jacket, but my dad has FORBID me to spend on any new clotheing without his approveal, b/c I gave away the puffey down jacket they bought for me last year w/o telling him, even tho it was for a GOOD CAUSE (NY CARES).
As for the OP, Marriage is NOT an economic decision. I agree that there are some thing’s economic that may be better if you are NOT married, but you must look at it as a COMITMENT of 2 peeople to each other, and to have sex and children w/o any limitation’s that would be there if you were NOT married. That is why we all get MARRIED.
Unfortuneately Divorce happen’s even if we do NOT think about it or ignore it up front. If you have any reservation’s about the guy, do NOT marry him.
I posted late over the weekend about staying with a guy who does NOT want to work or even look for a job. Mom confirmed that there are MEN in her neigborhood that loaf and troll around for housewife’s to have sex with while their spouse’s are out bringing home the paycheck. FOOEY!
Do NOT marry a guy who does NOT want to work. That guy is a looser, and you do NOT want for him to be MR MOM, b/c he will be lookeing for unhappy housewife’s to have sex with. DOUBEL FOOEY ON MEN LIKE THAT!
If you realy love the guy, marry him but ONLEY if he will be an EQUAL PARTNER! YAY!!!!


  1. Now this post initimates that she would not have sex until she gets married. Which is it? Did Ellen have sex with Allen or not? We do not know about her pre-Allen sex life, but I think she did have sex before Allen, given that she was exposed to the party scene in DC, right?

  2. Of course she's had sex with Alan! That's how come she's swore off other men who wont first commit to her. Alan used her for sex and that hurt. I don't recall her college exploits but I'd bet Alan wasnt the first. Ellenwatch?

    1. Yes, she absolutely did sleep with Alan and has mentioned it repeatedly. I have no info, however, about the years before (college included). She's never mentioned any other boyfriend, for what that's worth. Maybe she will fill in the gap's for us soon.