Friday, January 10, 2014

before my dad took over all of my finance’s

A bit more detailed background on how Dad came to be in charge of Ellen's money/budgeting. This was pretty much in line with what we knew and believed thus far. Including the Sunshine Girl's suspicion that Dad wanted to be done with this job a while ago (but only if he could place it in capable male hands). 

Hug’s to you. I have been there also before my dad took over all of my finance’s. When I was in college, my dad gave me $2000 spendeing money each semester, and once that was GONE I was on my own. Well as a freshman and sopomore, I ran out of money every semester and was FORCED not to go out the last 2 week’s of each semester. That taught me to BUDDGET my money. YAY for that.
But it is actually more compleicated now, with 401k’s and partnership share’s and coop maintenance fee’s and clotheing allowances. With all of this, I would be totaly OVERWHELMED and NOT be abel to be a litieagator, so my dad told me forget all that, he would take over and do all of it for me until I got MARRIED, so I could just be a lawyer!
He did NOT expect I would STILL be UN-MARRIED and he is getting sick of doieng everything financeial for me, but he made me a deal that he would ONLY give it up when I got a guy to MARRY me who was MONEY SMART. Incendentally, even Alan, as a CPA, was NOT that money smart, b/c he was usueally DRUNK! FOOEY on that! How could he manage my money if all he could think of was getting a bottel of Jonnie Walker Black or a case of Beer! DOUBEL FOOEY! Also, his bedroom skill’s were terible b/c he was drunk alot of the time, so why would anyone want him?
But as for the OP, just hang in there and if you are worried, get your dad to help or get a guy to MARRY you. You can then focus on being a lawyer, which is what we are paid to be, not a bookeepter! FOOEY!


  1. Poor thing, forced to not go out during the last 2 weeks of each semester... My heart goes out to her.

  2. At least our girl learned how to buddget!