Wednesday, January 22, 2014

if I moove with him back to the U.K.

So Ellen has become more ambivalent about the idea of marital intimacy with Sam. Maybe this is why Dad's airfare offer, which is actually very generous, is being taken as a nuisance (?) Perverse, since so often when Dad gets up to all kind's of BS she has no words of protest. 

Again, she is potentially non grata at Bloomie's because she deliberately wiped poo off of her shoes in their home goods department. I already linked to this once before, so just trust me. 

Mabye you should have your Dad do all of your organizeing for you! That is what my dad doe’s and it free’s me up to do alot of other thing’s, b/c I do NOT have to waste any time paying bill’s or doing tax return’s or anything administreative! YAY!
But my dad is pusheing me to get MARRIED already so that my HUSBAND can do this instead of him. FOOEY b/c I do not want to have to marry some schlub just b/c my dad is getting lazy and want’s to retire and moove down south. I told him I would send him all the forms I get and he can do all the work from wherever he moove’s. He said that he want’s out, and Ed is doing all of Rosa’s paperwork so I need a guy to do mine. He wondered why Sam is not good enough and I said he was NOT even a citizen and that I do NOT want bad teeth and if I moove with him back to the U.K., I might have teeth like Grandma Leyeh by the time I was 40. He did NOT agree. He said I could come home 2x a year for dental check-up’s and that if I married Sam, he would pay for my airplane ride’s! FOOEY! He is being VERY dificult, especialy b/c I am not sure I would even want Sam making love to me every day, which he said he would SURELEY do. Why is it that men want to have sex all the time?
Anyway, I have a question for the hive: I was walkeing in today with Myrna’s fur coat on and slipped, fell on my tuchus, and got dirty snow and ice all over it. Should I take it to a DRY cleaner’s b/c it is FUR, or should I go to a place that specialises in FUR? Can anyone recomend a place on the upper east side that handel’s FUR cleaning? I could go into Bloomie’s and ask them, but I do NOT think I am to welcome there. I was also thinking about L&T, but I did NOT buy any furs there. HELP!

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  1. I have my own theory as to why Ellen is backing away from Sam.

    First, dad is pushing for her to be with him, so she is rebelling against dad's controlling influence.

    Second, Sam made the first (unwarranted) attempt to force the relationship to go sexual before Ellen was ready by revealing (I think intentionally), his penis.

    Third, Ellen does not want to move overseas. I can sympathize with her unwillingness to uproot and follow any guy even for marriage to someone who is monied and objectively sexy. The dental care is not really legitimate, tho the US probably has better overall dental care available.

    Ultimately, it is a matter of control, and as an attorney, Ellen does not want to appear to be a follower of any man, even one with all of the putative attributes Sam has.

    What do you think, Ellenwatch? Will Ellen eventually succumb to the lure of Sam and move forward with the relationship. There is some small part of me that has Sam reintroducing his "winkie" to Ellen without overt protest.