Friday, January 17, 2014

then I am a thrify one.

I suspect the highlight here was a typo on Ellen's part (shocking, I know). March 2014, is it, when Ellen will regain access to her own damn money? Around the time of her 3-Nth birthday?

tesyaa aptly points out that Ellen has correctly used "spendthrift" where so many others fail. I think it's beautiful that we can appreciate rare glimmers of correctness in a dark sea of fooeys.

I do NOT have any experience with mediteation, but I love this handbag! I wish DAD would let me buy some thing new, but he has blocked my credit cards through the end of March 2013. That also means that I can NOT even go out to dinner unless I get cash from my DEBITT Card! FOOEY! He think’s I am a spend thrift? If I am then I am a thrify one. FOOEY b/c I like to pick up a check but I can ONLEY do that at work with our FIRM’s AMEX BLACK CARD! YAY!
I will have to ask the manageing partner if I can use it if I promise to remburese the firm for any personal use until I get my own credit card’s back. What would the hive do?
Does their dad’s also make them do dumm thing’s like this? Do any manageing partner’s let you use their credit card’s if you pay them back? TRIPEL FOOEY!
I found out MYRNA will no longer go out with this guy b/c he is NOT interested in anything more meaningful and even tho Myrna was not in it for a LT releationship, she thought the guy was very petty. He said she was NOT curvey enough for him! What is he, Jared Leto? FOOEY on men that think they are movie star’s! FOOEY!

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  1. I don' that much about curviness-the Sunshine girls could be guys with long hair--but I'd be happy to be with Ellen or Myrna if she'd change her name. I'm forced to be working now but I'd gladly leave if I could have either of these two bouncing on me; perhaps both if they're up to it, I can handle them!