Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Now I have to carry 2 Devises?

Hat's certainly off to Deb here. Deb, are you an ELLENWatcher? Or can you become one soon? 

I do look forward to watching Ellen's relationshep with the new ass-ociate develop, because this is the first person she'll be supervising (Lynn doesn't really count). More specifically, I'm curious to know if this younger and less experienced man may still ascend to a place of authority in Ellen's life based purely on gender--as seems to happen with just about every other XY who stays in her life with to duration. The fact that he's already started ooogleing is an unpromising start.

FOOEY! At the partnership meeting I was told that I NOW have to use a blackberry! They said that the iPhone is NOT professioneal enough for me and the firm. Now I have to carry 2 Devises? FOOEY! Now I will need a bigger handbag. I will ask for deimbursment.
What do the other hive partners do? If I can show others that use iPhone’s then mabye they will overrule the decision. HELP!?!
The new associate keeps stareing at me. It is a little creepey. I hope he does not turn into a lechh! DOUBEL FOOEY!
  • The solution is simple. Twerk your tuchus at the partners and get an iPhone waiver, but do not twerk your tuchus at your new ass-ociate unless you want to face a har-ass-ment claim, particularly if the new ass-ociate is married (or gay). It is not easy to be a partner these days! But kudos on making partner!


  1. Ellen should be smart enough to navigate the role of supervisor to the new guy. I wonder if they Willl hook up?

    1. Well naturally I am wondering that too, but think about it in context of your firm: Vinnie does work for you, and you'd never even consider having drinks with him. Given that Ellen tends to look to you all for advice and examples, I suspect the interest is going to remain 100% on his side only.