Thursday, January 30, 2014

so much sexueal tension, if you can beleive it

Gross, as usual. The whole office is stareing at each other's bodies when they're not contemplating each  other's bathroom odors. As for Sam's invitation, it sound's like Ellen didn't necessarily trust that it was actually going to be a Super Bowl "party"--she thought it was more along the lines of a hoax to get her alone. 

My guess is Myrna will be game to come along (oops, I'm punny) 

Definitely go to a real place for some EGG ROLLS (veggie), or DIM SUM! YUMMY! OR MOO SHOO GAI PAN! DOUBEL YUMMY! If you want, you can get some LEECHIE NUTS FOR DESSERT. I never had LEECHIE Nuts until I went to China town with my Dad, and we ate a whole bag!
I think now that you have got me thinkeing about it, I will ask the manageing partner if I can take an extra hour off tomorow after I go to court downtown tomorow to eat lunch in Chinatown instead of goeing to Century 21. I can not charge lunch to a cleint unless I discuss busness, so I will bring Mason with me if he can eat Chinese. Otherwise, I will meet Roberta downtown and take the afternoon off, but just bill her for lunch.
The manageing partner keep’s bothering me to figure out how to set up this new International Group. What is ITC and what does the FTC do overseas and internationaly? I thought they just handel false advertiseing? I need to get someone to help me, but Mason is onley interested in ooogeling Lynn! It is so funny b/c he used to be stareing at me, but now he is stareing at Lynn. YAY!
I think the manageing partner is starteing to notice this b/c Lynn is less attentive to the manageing partner. I did tell Mason not to touch Lynn at all at work, and I do not see anything, but now, there is so much sexueal tension, if you can beleive it — Even Madeline notices this and I do not think she has had a man since the 1970′s, and that was when everyone was a “flower child” dad says. He met Madeline and warned me that if I did NOT look out, I could turn into that in a few year’s! FOOEY!
Sam called again today, and insist’s that I go to his apartement for a small Superbowl party. He said I could come with Myrna so I will ask her. I do NOT want to be alone with him b/c in his apartement, he is probablely goieng to get FRISKEY, and I do NOT want to see his winkie any time soon. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. This Lynn sounds like she could be ok at least for a quickie, though it sounds like Mason may have already tapped that thing. If so I will stick with Ellen who is clearly clean below the belt by now.

    1. If Lynn is doing it with Mason, that is not necessarily a bad thing for either one of them. It is a proven fact that if you have regular sex, you will be less antagonistic and more docile at work. That helps facilitate cooperation in the work place.