Saturday, January 4, 2014

[Alma was dis'sed on NYE]

I had to catch this one myself--particularly ironic given that Alma's purported coworkers are among my most loyal followers here. I like how the trolliness only really emerged after Dulcinea suggested the post was valuable whether real or not. It was as if Alma needed to reassert her own ridiculousness. (Though the suggestion from Anonymous helped greatly as well). If Alma (last name Federer, sometimes) is a new name to you, see this clearinghouse on her and her relationship to Ellen. 

Alma's "boyfriend," who sounded a bit carnally motivated even in better times, is likely one of the partners at S&S Associates. We already know how this has ended every other time, but the Hive's support is unconditional. Hope you rang it in single, Alma! I say either start looking for love outside the office, or change jobs for a new trove of older, rich marrieds who don't know you yet.

I am sitting here trying to think why my boyfriend does not want to meet me for a romantic evening. He says he is “exhausted” but has not worked in 6 months and has not seen me for 3 weeks. Any ideas on how to cope with this situation? After all shouldn’t he be with me for new years eve?


    • Dulcinea :
      This is exactly what I was trying to figure out how to articulate. Although, a post below suggests to me that some people think Alma is a troll, even if she is, I think this advice could be helpful for others in similar situations.
      • My boyfriend must be cheating because he only has come around when he wants sex. And that has not been for weeks now.
    • Anonymous :
      Summer’s Eve perhaps?
  • “Alma” is back. Y’all are very nice to offer her advice.

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