Monday, January 6, 2014

I have absoluteley no afiliation

Ellen knows we are all likely to suspect she's been hired to shill products online. Such a credible voice--who wouldn't want to add her to payroll? Luckily we have this assurance of her integrity and sincerity (which I do not endorse, if you're asking).

Yay! We are back for another year! Congratulation’s to Cat on another outstanding year!
As for the OP, I have one answer for you. FITBIT FITBIT FITBIT. I have absoluteley no afiliation with that company but my DAD swear’s by it and he make’s me use it EVERY day. I walked in today with my FITBIT and I am near my comitted step count for the day. Dad see’s it at night when I come home to my Macbook Air, so I can NOT fool him. FOOEY! But I need to slim down my tuchus also and dad got a fitbit for he and mom.
I get all the motivation I need by lookeing in the mirror at my tuchus. I need a smaller tuchus to get a better guy (or any guy at this point). YAY!!!!
Now that I am a partner, I got a new chair. They wheeled the other chair away for the new guy to sit in. FOOEY b/c that chair smelles very funny. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen is smart to exercise. If the fitbit works, so much the better. I may investigate this tool myself for my own tuchus' well-being!