Friday, January 24, 2014

what goe’s in must come out

The "exemption" Ellen wants is presumably from Dad's Fitbit expectations for daily step count. 

Yummy! This sound’s good! I love CHILI! Mom make’s great Chili and she add’s a little hot sauce and that really makes it HOT! The onley thing to watch out for is that what goe’s in must come out and if you do NOT mix it with something like YOUGURT, then it is very hot in the tush, and you can get adult diaper rash. FOOEY! That is not fun and I remember as a child mom rubbing Zincofax on my tuchus. YAY!
Does anyone in the HIVE remember ZINCOFAX?
I froze my tuchus this morning walking in, even with Myrna’s coat. I wish my dad would give me an exemption when the temperature is less then 20 degree’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!

1 comment:

  1. Does Ellen have French Canadian roots? I looked up Zincofax and see that the product is legitimate and Canadian!

    Maybe the royal Barshevsky's first emigrated to Canada, before moving to NY and sending Dad to the finest schools to get us where we are now with Ellen. Any theories here?