Tuesday, January 14, 2014

getting the wrong Idea

The "new guy" mentioned in Paragraph 2 below is presumably the new associate reporting to Ellen. If you ask me, he needs a name, but she may be struggling because so many male names are already taken in this particular story.

Meanwhile, Jim is trying to get back onstage? The only reason I can imageine is that he knows Ellen just made partner and that sweetens the prospect just enough for him to try one more time. He does need to think about his retirement sooner rather than later. 

This color block is really pretty, but DAD says NO more clotheing for me until Spring! FOOEY! I will show ROSA b/c Ed does NOT bar Rosa from buyeing clotheing that she like’s and she is very svelte and would look good in this.
I am heading to court soon with the new guy. Lynn called the judges’ chamber’s and the judge said he would meet with us after calendar call. YAY!
Sam texted me and said he would like to take me out to lunch this week. I worry that he is getting the wrong Idea, but I found out dad called him to encourage him to date me. Talk about treating me like a child. I am old enough to know who I should date and who I should NOT. FOOEY!
Jim also wants for some reason to date me now. He was the guy who gave me a baseball hat that I gave to Rosa to give to the kids. I cannot think of him as a romantic partner. FOOEY!


  1. Jim may be thinking that Ellen is available because she probably has been pining to him (and anyone else that listens) that she is still unmarried at age [30] and that her child bearing years are dwindling fast. Was Jim ever married? If so, did his wife chase him?

    1. Agree with this. Jim is a hornbag that envisions Ellen as anxious enough to let him impregnate her with marriage if need be, which is more than that guy has now.