Friday, January 24, 2014

Frank practicaly POST’s our salarie’s

Lovely, mascot. 

I like this sub-plot about Mason bringing home Lynn and the ongoing makeing of eyes around the office. As Ellen points out, it deflects attention from her, and worse things could happen for Lynn as well. One problem I may raise for the longer term, however: they get married, Lynn quits to become full-time Mrs./Mommy Mason, and Manageing & MANAGEING LLP is stuck looking for a new secretary. The new one could be an improvement, but more likely, we're dealing with more eye candy (hired by MP, after all) and thus more guys stopping by the office to see Ellen but deciding they got all they needed at Reception. (I can't find the link right now, but I'm looking at Fred.)

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love open thread’s!
As for the OP, yes, big companie’s and big firm’s and even the goverment back track’s on their job offer’s. It really SUK’S but it hapens. This hapened to Ed’s cousin. He was offered a big job in some company and after he told everyone at his old job to go stuff it, they called him and said they did NOT have a bugget for him at the salary HE wanted, but they would hire him at about $20,000 less. Since he had BURNED his briges at his current job, he had to take it, and this was YEAR’s ago when $20,000 was alot more money then it is now. I think Ed says he was goeing to make $80,000 and onley wound up takeing $60,000 b/c of the screw-up.
So the word for your relative is, DONT BURN YOUR BRIDGES, and be carful not to be to hasty. In my firm, everyone knows what we are all makeing b/c Frank practicaly POST’s our salarie’s — he is workeing now on our W2s b/c Dad told him he was waiting to give it to the acountant that work’s up all of our INCOME 1040′s for our taxe’s. Frank say’s I am lucky this year b/c I do NOT have a partnership tax issue, but next year I will. FOOEY! I do NOT mind payeing taxes, but I can NOT stand to have to sign all of these paper’s dad and other’s keep throweing at me. Everything from my COOP Board to Dad, to Frank with the Partnership, and even the manageing partner, who is getting me my OWN AMEX BLACK CARD! YAY!!!!!
I think the new Guy might have had Lynn stay over last night, b/c Frank says Lynn is wearing the same dress as yesterday. I did NOT see her clotheing yesterday, but those 2 have been smileing at each other all day and went out for lunch together. At least Mason is not stareing at me today. YAY!!!!
I am goeing to a Museum with Myrna tomorow. I hope it is not to cold out b/c I need to get step’s in on my fitbit and dad does not know if I am walkeing inside or outside. If we go to the Natural History museum on the west side we can see stuffed animal’s and fishe’s and then go out for deli! YAY!
  • I cannot understand why anyone would waste time writing this drivel. I come on here to write about a real issue and you trivialize it by writing this crap.
    Thank you to everyone who responded with REAL experiences.
    • Apparently offer rescission is a common practice in the lives of fictional characters as well. So to answer your original question, yes, this does happen.
      It happened to us, my spouse’s transfer got yanked after I had already locked up a job in a new city.


  1. This is a great comment!

    Please update the list of your cast of characters!

    I am having difficulty remembering the name of all of these dufuses!

    1. You're right, Fred was missing. Amended.

    2. Maybe all of this talk about Mason humping Lynn will ignite some latent heat in Ellen's loins that I can parlay into a lifetime of ecstacy. If at all possible, I would be willing to audition for the chance to live up to my word. My family is 100% loyal to me and willing to vouch for me. I am also STD free, which can hardly be the case for others Ellen has dated. I am also circumcised, as are all of us Kutzas. This should provide Ellen's dad with comfort that having South American roots is not a negative, but a positive.