Tuesday, January 21, 2014

He is swave, makes alot of money

First of all, the issue of Ellen prematurely giving away a relatively new coat that was a gift from her parents just will not go away, will it? I was the first to express my disapproval, and unsurprisingly Dad is upset too. But interestingly, his position on puffy-looking garments is that his daughter is a hopeless case regardless, so she should just keep wearing them. I don't know how many marriage proposals have been drawn with this strategy, but we won't find out with this test case anyway because Ellen donated it: the puff is long gone. 

In other realms needing review, if you're wondering why Ellen can't stop thinking about Sam's nether regions, it's because of the INADVERTEANT flash she got way back in August. No amount of apology for that is enough, it seems, even though Sam is the only male character in our entire story who has ever been cited as remotely attractive. Now he's forthcoming with an offer of marriage (and possible dental)? Dad signed off on this a while ago, so nothing is in the way... 

Yay! Splurge Tuesday’s – what happened to Cat’s splurge Monday’s!! This is a great choice, but I have NO credit until the end of March, and then Dad said that he would consider REOPENING my credit, but it is NOT a done deal. FOOEY! b/c I am a Partner and should be abel to have personal credit!
As for the OP, today is cold and snowey, so I am wearing boot’s and jegging’s and Myrna’s fur coat. Dad will NOT let me spend on a new coat b/c he said I was dumb to give my good coat away. But I told him it was a PUFFEY coat and it made me look fat, especialy in the TUCHUS! He said I did NOT need a coat for that. DOUBEL FOOEY ON HIM FOR MAKEING FUN OF MY TUCHUS, especialy b/c I am useing my FITBIT every day now.
Mom say’s she is bakeing me a Pecan Pie. I LOVE PECAN’s, and buy them by the POUND at Trader’s Joe. I recomend Trader’s Joe for all kind’s of food, b/c it is GOOD and it is NOT that expensive. Alan used to go to Trader Joe and buy me pecan’s but then he would eat them all up. Also, they used to sell a good bean burger that is good in the winter, tho Alan used to heat up the bed at night and that was very stinkey. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Sam came over with Myrna last nite and we watched TV. Sam said he would marry me if I wanted, but I still can NOT get his winkie out of my head. FOOEY! What would the hive do? He is swave, makes alot of money, but is from the UK. I could NOT live in the UK b/c they have bad teeth there. I want to have a good dentist, and I am NOT sure of the dental care there. Is anyone in the HIVE from the UK? How is dental care there? YAY!!!

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  1. Ellen's father is a tad cruel to his daughter. She should be given credit for her accomplishments even if she hasn't yet married or borne issue.