Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Head's Up: Yanoula]

This wasn't her first appearance, but I'll try to be better from now on about it. Notice the completely useless content of Yanoula's reply (OP is asking about how to demand her money back, not whether she should do so), as well as her mockery of Corporette trends--this time "rawr." 

You know what it is, back in the building...

Legal question t/j
I signed a mutual release to get out of a condo purchase that was going on too long. It was signed on December 11 and I do not have my funds yet. Properties and forms signed in Ontario, if that makes a difference. Emails and telephone calls to builder office and law office have been ignored. They’re both big businesses I do not expect them to disappear but what is a reasonable length if time to get back my (big to me) $50,000?


  1. What's a Yanoula?

    1. I don't know the answer either, and frankly, do not want to know the answer! It sounds like something you find when you pick up a rock on the shoreline that bites!