Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Interesting--Alan applied to b-school but apparently didn't get in. I've always known he was a CPA but I also thought he had the MBA. We're scaling back our assessment of Alan all the time, it seems! 

As for Mason, I notice that the narrative has found a way to make his sexual appetite Ellen's problem even though it is (thus far, amazingly) not directed at her. It's true, though: she has no idea what she's doing even with her own workload, and manageing people--particularly in the absence of even one good example above--is totally foreign terrain. I like that more characters are in this mix, but as usual, the outlook isn't very bright! YAY!!! 

There is a BARONS on line prep that Alan had on my MacBook air that he was useing when he was studying for the MBA school, but when he did NOT get in, he just left it. I told my dad about that and dad deleted it from my computer b/c it was takeing up alot of room and I only had a small memory — b/c it is a new drive that is VERY fast, but small. Not sure if this help’s.
Mason is getting very grabbey. He is defineitely doeing something with Lynn after work, and I see him with his hand’s on her tuchus. I wonder if, as his SUPERVISOR, that I need to tell him NOT to be grabbey at work. I know she does NOT do work for him, but I do NOT want to get into an FMLA issue where he get’s the firm into troubel for haveing sex with her and then she get’s mad and sue’s the firm b/c he will NOT marry her.
How does the hive deal with sexueal issue’s at work? Should he be allowed to do anything with her b/c they both work here. It is a small LLC (onley 30 peeople total), so I do NOT want Mason to cause troubel and then have the manageing partner blame me for not preventing them from haveing sex. At a MINIMUMUM, I think he need’s to keep his hand’s to himself at work, and NOT touch her tuchus. Am I on the right track? Any thought’s from the HIVE? HELP! I am not use to beeing a manager! FOOEY!


  1. 30 people in the firm! Wow, Ellen's firm might not be as crappy as we thought. Ellenwatch, do you have an angle on what other men are in the firm? We know the managing partner is an ass, but are there eligible batchelors, if not for Ellen, then for us?

  2. Oh, by the way, you are slipping (again) Ellenwatch. We note the following post you may have missed (quality control aside). Ellen has a good heart, providing decent advice to someone in financial straits. It seems the solution for most issues is to find a guy with money. We all are in search of such a guy. This poster informs us that she is already married, but the guy is not monied. Ah, the perennial dilemma. A guy with money just wants sex, and a guy without money cannot afford sex.


    Ellen :

    01/27/2014 at 3:37 pm

    Hug’s to you, but think of the bright side! You have a job that is probabley secure, and you are not killing yourself, but lookeing for something better. It is not great that you have 6 figure’s of debt and a goverment job, which probabley does NOT pay to much. FOOEY!

    I recomend that you continue doeing what you are doieng (in the job market), and at the same time, if you are ONLEY 3 year’s out of law school, look for a guy with a good job and money in the bank to date and mabye MARRY who will be abel to help you pay the rent and these large bill’s in exchange for youbeing his wife, and being there for him and having a family with CHILDREN! YAY!


    Case of the Mondays :

    01/27/2014 at 9:00 pm

    Thanks, Ellen. Already married, but not to a rich guy ;-)

    1. Saw it and skipped it. Deal.

    2. Oh GAWD, the Sunshine Girls again! I also think, though, that she should not even look twice at Mason. I have more experience than him, both legal and social. I could really provide her with an ecstatic experience, not only in the bedroom, but any where, any time. I could really go for a woman like this. Tell her, Ellenwatch, and don't listen to these older women who are beyond the pale when it comes to attractiveness. That left these women in the 1980's.