Tuesday, January 28, 2014

standard’s and scrupule’s

Probably right about Fred's calculation (in Para. 2)--he thinks no way could Ellen do any better than the spoils of a stinky pet store. Time will tell, hate to say it! 

I'd like to know more about how Mason responded to being counciled on tuchus-grabbing...? Finally, I'd bet MP already knows about it (and then some) and look forward to his rendition on disastrous mishandling. 

Finally, I trust that the Sunshine Girls will look up and post here some aid for Ellen about this prospective "international" practice. They haven't failed her yet. 

Me too. I love Tina Turk, but is Bloomie’s the onley place I can get this? If so, FOOEY! unless I go up to see Rosa and get it in Westchester. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I would have to take the train unless Myrna drove me.
I got a text today from Fred. He want’s to know if I like the kitty litter. Should I even respond to him? I think he think’s I am desperete for a guy so that he is lookeing better all the time. I hope Ed did NOT put that idea in his littel head. I have standard’s and scrupule’s.
I have decided to council Mason about his behavior. What he doe’s on his own time is his own business, but I will tell him NOT to touch Lynn’s tuchus in the office (or any one else’s tuchus for that matter). I also will say that it is proabley not a good idea to date Lynn b/c she work’s here and he should not have sex with the staff. FOOEY! I did NOT want to bring this up with the manageing partner b/c I want the manageing partner to think that I am independent and have MANAGEEARAL capabilitie’s! YAY!
I am wondering, tho, if we need to bring in an HR speciealist to give me some pointer’s b/c the manageing partner also want’s me to head up a new department he is cobbeling together useing some peeople who are now “underutilised”. The manageing partner is thinkeing of consolidating our estate’s group into what he is now calling our international group. He see’s alot of opportunity in import/export b/c he has a freind on 31st Street who work’s in the area lookeing for council, and he figure’s that with the FTC getting new authority, that I could learn FTC law, and something called ITC law and we could market ourself as a full service international import/export firm.
Do the hive know peeople doeing this kind of work? Is it realy that lucrative? I want to be abel to respond to the manageing partners’ inquiry, but have onley found articel’s about international law, but NOT import export law. FOOEY!


  1. We will have to see if we can help out. In the meantime, we are concerned that this new guy may get frisky with Ellen. I can't imagine why Ellen would go for a guy like this. The managing partner had a nephew in her neighborhood that once made a play for Ellen and I recall she rebuffed him, so why would this guy be much different? Sam and Fred are jerks (each in their own way). What Ellen needs is a high-powered partner at a respectable firm to marry her so she can lead the life we all hoped we'd have. We got kicked to the curb by the very type we're hoping Ellen does not strike out with, but it does not seem there are any guys in her firm that are of the quality we are hoping she'd find. She does have minimum standards, so she will not sleep with anyone, which is great. Otherwise, she'd be with Gonzalo or some other turd-like creature sponging off her salary. We are also not crazy about the fitbit stuff. Yes, it is a motivator, but Dad is overbearing in pressuring Ellen to be model-thin. Her job, like ours, involves sitting on our asses all day, and that inevitably makes it difficult to look like a model. Dad should cut her some slack.

  2. I'd be willing to provide plenty of research on ITC law and FTC law and any other law, if Ellen would provide me with exclusive boudoir access. She would see that I am far better than the guys she's been complaining about. The Kutza clan are all stable and when we marry, it's for life. There are no divorced Kutzas here in the US. If Ellen would only give me a look, I am sure she would never leave me, and that has nothing to do with my prowess in bed. That is just icing on the cake. Even if she winds up adding a few pounds over the years, I know that I'd still be there for her every day and every night. That's not a promise others are willing to make. Give me a shot, Ellen Watch, and Ellen, if you know about this blog, you too. My name is Vincent J. Kutza. Show me a sign or respond through this website and I will be there for you (24/7). How many other women could only dream of this offer.

    1. Not so fast, buster. Ellen should not automatically spread like peanut butter just because you provide answers to her. Sure she'd be grateful, but that does not mean she'd have sex with you. The fact that you pledge fealty to her (even if she puts on a few pounds) is laudable, but frankly, if she were to bed you, the stakes would be a lot higher. I recommend you keep it literally in your pants as Ellen will take you to the cleaners if she ever agrees to drop her drawers for you. Even EllenWatch would agree with this one, as I think the two have been cut from the same cloth.