Tuesday, January 28, 2014

he would onley date one of the elephant’s

Once again, Ellen specifies which moguls and superstars might have a chance with her, and on what conditions. DeKaprio is known for dateing supermodels, but he'd probably respect someone who forewent that opportunity in favor of a different longterm earnings strategy. Wikipedia says he has an apartment in Manhattan...

Meanwhile Sam is comparing his love interest to an elephant and Fred is sending cat litter. If anyone were to ask me, I'd say pass on the further set-ups with friends of Ed's. If Fred was the top contender, I shudder to think who may be next. 

Yay! Splurge Monday’s! I love this dress, Cat, but can’t go into Bloomie’s — they have the guard’s lookeing out for me b/c of my shoe incident. FOOEY! But I recomend this dress to the HIVE–it meet’s all of my requirement’s — Warm, and NOT low cut, so FRANK would NOT like it. YAY!
What a weekend I had! Myrna and I went to the Natural History museum where she took a picture of ME next to an elephant, and sent it to Sam and some other freind’s of our’s. Dad got ahold of it and said to me that he was NOT sure who was who? FOOEY on him. It is easy to tell the diference. Sam said he would onley date one of the elephant’s which I think is a compelement, but I am not sure. Then, guess who jump’s out of the woodwork? I get a package in the mail of cat litter, and it’s from FRED. Fred says he was thinkeing of me and that mabye I could use this if I don’t have a cat to get a car out of the parkeing spaces on the upper east side! I do not even have a car, so I gave it to Myrna. FOOEY on him for thinking of me like cat poo! FOOEY!
Myrna says he is tryeing to get back in my good graces. But why? I will NOT marry him and I will not waste alot of time on looser’s who stare at other girl’s. Mabye he should send it to to Lynn, tho I think she is now dateing Mason.
The judge also called to ask if he could send his nephew over to eat with me. I met him once and he has a deli, but not in Manhattan. I am a city girl, not interested in Brookleyn or Queen’s. Ed has another guy for me. I think Rosa is makeing him find them for me but I said I did NOT want to get the bottom of the barell from Merrill Lynch. I do NOT need to date another Wolf of Wall Street, tho Leonard DeKaprio I think I could date if his breathe was fresh.
Anyway, my tuchus is getting smaller from all the walking this weekend so even Dad cannot yell at me! YAY!!!!!


  1. Ellen should stay away from guys like this. The stars are known for sleeping with women then deserting them. DiCaprio was at one time "dating" a beautiful Israeli model. I doubt she is still in the picture.

  2. A little birdie tells me that Ellen and Leo would not be the greatest pair based on differing spending habits. According to this post:


    Earlier this year, when DiCaprio rented a house in South Beach, "he trusted his entourage of friends to deal with his expenses, not carrying any money himself," confides The Leonardo DiCaprio Album. "According to his pal Ethan Suplee, 'Leo's cheap. . . . He'll look for a place in the street to park rather than use valet parking.'"

    "I'm the cheapest bastard in the world," the ever-frank DiCaprio has said. "You never know, I may go bankrupt, or lose my career, or have a Hugh Grant situation."

    Will Ellen be able to hook up with a guy who will ask her to pay all the bills? The managing partner has taught her to pass all expenses on to their clients so this sounds like a total disconnect to me, even if he has fresh breath.

    1. Actually, I'm more concerned about the potential "Hugh Grant situation"--speaking of paying for sex! Ellen would be much more compatible with someone who has a sunnier outlook on his future.

      As for the Israeli model, you must have missed the Argentinian one (I think?) who hit him in the face with a broken bottle in '05. I assume it was because he hadn't called. But again, this is more Gonzalo than anything else, so excuse me for suggesting such an inappropriate match.

  3. Fred? Please! What a loser! And DiCaprio? He is banging different women every week, so I don't think Ellen is compatible. Me, on the other hand, offer the best of all worlds. I am handsome, educated and have a great job with great prospects if I make partner in the next 5 years. If she wants kids, I am there, with the will to make it happen. Give me a shot and I will not let her down. A Kutza never goes back on his word.