Sunday, January 19, 2014

go where there IS oportunietie’s

So yes, it was in fact a typo when Ellen stated recently that March 2013 was Dad's deadline for controlling Ellen's cc. It's actually this coming March (though I'm not optimistic that he won't re-freeze soon after that for whatever other excuse). 

In Para. 3 below, Ellen admit's that it isn't always necessarily by sheer brilliance that she win's cases or get's promoted. All the more reason to be terrified of "older me"--she's used up most of her cuteness already, in fact. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s (and the clotheing being hawked by Cat — tho dad has a freese on my cards through March — FOOEY!)
As for the OP, you sound alot like me, agewize, that is. So we are probabley pretty much in the same boat on these issue’s. What I would do, if I were you, is to go where there IS oportunietie’s, even if it mean’s leaving where you work now. As a YOUNG PROFESSEIONAL, you need to pursue every open door b/c everyone knows that once we get older, we will NOT have the same oportunitiies b/c older peeople (particulearley older me) really like it when we can flatter them and we get ahead by useing the tools we have.
For example, both the manageing partner and the judge I work before both cut me alot of slack b/c I flatter them. The judge really give’s it to the poor schlub’s that I am up against in litieagation b/c he knows how much I appreciate it and so I fawn over them afterward’s and they totaly love it. I do NOT know what I would do if I had to work in front of another judge, or a woman judge, who would NOT care for the thing’s that I do with the older guy’s I work with. Dad told me to use my assets, so I am doieng that, and b/c of that, I win most all of my case’s, and the manageing partner has made me a PARTNER already! YAY!!!!!
So follow my dad’s advise and use the asset’s you have and you will NEVER regret it. NOW if I can ONLEY find a decent guy to MARRY me who I would NOT mind sleeping with! So far all of the guy’s that want to sleep with me onley want to have sex with me. They do NOT want to comit to MARRAGE. FOOEY ON THAT!
Myrna and I are goieng bike riding tomorrow and mabye will go to a museum also. YAY!!!!!


  1. At least dad's advice is sound. We all must employ whatever tools we have to get away. As far as we know, Ellen has only fawned over these old guys who are flattered by her attention. There are plenty of others that go far beyond, extending a variety of sexual favours to get ahead. Ellen still has a few more years to use those assets, even her ever expanding tush seems to be an asset some guys are anxious to pursue! She provides a little hope to the rest of us who have expanding tushes that we too can twerk in front of the judges before whom we appear!

  2. She's cute enough for me. I'm here if she wants to share her assets (or any other permissible part of her anatomy) with me. Heck, if need be, I'll service Myrna too. Again, the name has got to go. What am I to call out in ecstacy? Myr? Na? Give me a shot Ellen watch? You know us both. My orifi stand ready to please the both of them now even if they turn into hags in their '40's.

  3. No woman is going to lay back and let you do her!

  4. Notwithstanding Kutza's circumcision, woman just won't want it from him.

    1. A worm-like creaturo is never attractive to a woman anxious to avoid STDs from a man interested only in copulating and vanishing if she becomes pregnant.