Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He know’s how to look thing’s up on WESTLAW!

For the third time now, I implore Ellen to give the new associate a name. AhEM! 

Apart from some evidently useful advice, this post also provides us better info on law professor's who pursued Ellen romantically. I had always known there was one, (and remember that assistant dean too) but now we know for sure there was at least one more. Accordingly I imagine we could be looking at 5-6 faculty who were interested at the time, with the remaining two who still call being the only ones who have her current contact information or otherwise have not given up/married the next voluptuous, scraggley blond D+ student who came along.

Yay! The new guy actualy got something right in the office. He know’s how to look thing’s up on WESTLAW! That’s alot better then the manageing partner who does NOT even like to touch the computer’s! FOOEY!
As to the OP, If you are in DC, why dont you have him look into workeing for the GOVERMENT? There are alot of position’s where he can manage other thing’s like loading dock’s or peeople who work on Capital Hill need logistic’s manager’s. If you know peeople on the hill, give them his resume, and do NOT forget that he could alway’s ask to work near you, as an office mainteneance manager or supervisor. I miss DC, tho not the guy’s who always hit on me there. FOOEY on them. I still get call’s from 2 law school professor’s who wanted to date me even tho they were 30+ year’s older then me. DOUBEL FOOEY!
  • Ellen’s advice is actually really good.. there are lots of logistics and operations positions on the hill and for various agencies. ;o)


  1. I wonder now if she slept with any of her professors? When I was in law school there was a ditsy blond who slept with at least 3 professors. I don't know where she is now but I know those 3 professors got a lot of sex from her.

  2. Loading docks in DC... I love it!

    I wish Ellen had a photo. Every single man she comes across wants to date her, so I can't even imagine how amazingly beautiful she must be.

    1. She can't be that pretty or she'd be married by now. You can see that there is some kind of personality flaw; the guys all have defects she is able to notice and highlight quickly!

    2. Yes, Gauss. I consider that the only thing we can know for sure about what Ellen looks like--that she is breathtaking.