Saturday, January 4, 2014

want’s to plane down my tuchus

The year is off to a monotonous start! I do congratulate Mrs. Barshevsky, however, for at least attempting some snark (highlight below). I still say only a divorce will do, but we have to start somewhere. 

Yay! Open thread’s!!!! I love open thread’s! I am out with mom and dad b/c dad told me to get my tuchus out to the house b/f I get back to work. He told me that now that I am a PARTNER, I must dress apropriately, so we are goeing out to Manhaset Mall to pick up a few thing’s for me so that I look right when I come in to the OFFICE on Monday.
I told dad that I have nice clothe’s, but he says that alot of them make me look like a cheap hooker–I know he is wrong b/c they do NOT show much, and the onley thing I can think of is that they are a littel tight on me (mostly b/c I work to stay a size 2, but am NOT alway’s sucessful, like now, when my size 4′s are tight– FOOEY!
Anyway, he want’s mom and me to go with him and HE will pick out a new suit, a few dresse’s, a nice new coat, some boot’s as well as all acessorie’s that the Manageing partner will not reimburse for. Dad says that money is NO object, and he said he is prepared to spend $3000 if it will make me look profesional and not floosy-like. He also say’s I should consider cutteing my hair shorter b/c he has never heard of a blond haired partner with straght hair (right now it is long). I do NOT want to cut my hair — I get alot of complement’s on my hair.
What does the HIVE think? I rarley read about peeople talking about hair style’s (and length), but will listen to the HIVE.
Dad say’s I have to balance my need to look profesional with my desire to get a guy to MARRY me. I do NOT want to look MATRONLY — I am NOT trying to attract a 50 year old bald divorced guy with bad breathe and kid’s my age. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I want a guy my age with a good job and money in the bank who want’s to have BABIE’S soon b/c I want to be a mom while I am still YOUNGish. Grandma Leyeh is still pusheing for kid’s now and Rosa’s kid’s are adorable. Dawn is already making snow angel’s outside. She is SOOOO cute! (I know all kid’s are cute, but she realy is.) I told Rosa she should be in comercial’s, b/c she has no tuchus — Dad says thank god for Ed’s family and that she did not inherit mom’s tuchus. Mom say’s thank god she did not inherit dad’s personality!
As for the OP, yes it is cold, but do NOT sit around and eat. That is how my tuchus got so big since thanksgiving. You must go out and excercise and forget about food. I love to sit and watch TV and eat, but that will NOT get you thin, or get a MAN to marry you. Dad say’s that you can either have a man or a tuchus, but not both. I told him FOOEY!
Dad is already calling out to me to get downstair’s so that we can do 2 miles with the fitbit now. He is serius about excerciseing, and told me he want’s to plane down my tuchus b/f we go shoppeing later. I hope we get good stuff and he does not interfere to much. YAY!!!!!

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