Thursday, January 30, 2014

it would be to noisey for all

So she's going to the Super Bowl party, chaperoned by Myrna, and trying to avoid too many high-fiber or otherwise gas-inducing snack foods. I thought she might mention the calories and Dad's monitoring, but YAY! She just wants to avoid thunderous disruptions of the game emanating from the bathroom. (Though if she really wanted to deter Sam's "sugestive" mooves, this might just do the job...)

Hug’s to you. It must be TERIBLE to have to deal with divorce and a guy who turned out to be a rotten apple. FOOEY! I guess I am lucky, in this way that I have NOT married b/c all of the guy’s that wanted me seemed to be focused on very short term releationship’s, not comitted one’s and Alan shyed away from any thought of kid’s (tho he certeainly liked the sex part). DOUBEL FOOEY ON GUYS LIKE ALAN who want sex but no comitment!
As for this bag, Cat, it is to expensive even for the manageing partner to get Margie. He had me return thing’s she bought b/c they were to expensive when Margie did NOT want to take them back. Personaly, I like Coach bag’s for leather, but will NOT pay more then $400 for a bag. My dad make’s me schlep my lit bag back and forth to work anyway, b/c he say’s it build’s character! Can you imageine? FOOEY b/c most of the time it is empty except for my gym stuff (that Frank sometime’s look’s at–fooey on him for lookeing at my gym stuff).
Myrna is OK goeing to Sam’s. She said he will have another freind over there for her, but I do NOT want to be left alone in a room with Sam, b/c he is getting very sugestive, and in his house he could be weareing the same short’s that he had on when he showed his winkie. FOOEY on that! Sam talked about munchie’s, but I also do NOT want to have to eat Nacho’s and Bean Dip all day b/c I would for sure have to go to the toilet and it would be to noisey for all. I will sugest that he call out for sushi or Italian, which is easier on my digestive system. And who knows what his freind will be. Mabye he will be better for me then Myrna.
Anyway, the best to the HIVE. I have to go to court tomorow, so may onley be able to post before and after if I don’t meet with Roberta. I’ll see about bringeing the new guy (Mason) if he can pry himself away from Lynn. They both walked out the door 3 minute’s ago! YAY for them–at least they are enjoyeing themselve’s I think, but NOT in the office! YAY!!!!!


  1. Having a woman pass wind is not sexy. Guys can do it but not women, especially at a party. Beans should not go down Ellen's throat tomorrow.

  2. What happened at Ellen's super bowl party? Did anyone pass wind? Did anyone like Sam show his winkie again. It was a dull game I heard so anything to spice it up would be a good thing, no?