Wednesday, October 2, 2013

have to ward off the guy’s with a ruler!

I know, I know. Backlogged again. No news here other than on Line 1--looseing weight!!! How much???

Yay! What a nice day it is in NYC. I walked to work with my fitbit and am looseing wieght! YAY!
As for the OP, I also work in a small firm, and do NOT make as much money as I could at a large firm like Scadden or Cravath, but I realy do NOT want to have to be at those kind of places, even tho they probabley would pay me alot more money if I was to work for them then the manageing partner pay’s me to be here. If money is the reason for you, then just tell them. Remember tho, that at the big firm, you are just another person to take up a chair. As my DAD told me, “if you go to Scadden, you are just another person they have to provide a chair and desk for — you are INTERCHANGEBLE with any other cute woman….” etc. etc. etc. I could say FOOEY, but I am not there! YAY!
So that is why I have decided NOT to even brooch the subject with the manageing partner over me leaveing to go for the money at a big firm. Here, I am considered INDESPENSIBEL, while there I would ONLEY be another cute woman, where there are already alot of cute women with better tuchuses then me for their manageing partner’s.
Since I do NOT enjoy getting slobbered over by all these law firm men, I am sticking here where the worst I have is FRANK, who likes to look down my blouse. Even the manageing partner treat’s me as an equal, and NOT a peice of MEAT, b/c he has Margie now, who is very cute and attentive to his need’s.
So be carful what you wish for, b/c who know’s? You may soon become a bigfirm asociate, and will have to ward off the guy’s with a ruler! YAY!!!!!


  1. Is Ellen going to get piped or not? You may need to intervene with this new guy.

    1. I bet this guy is Vinny. He wants to be the only one to get to Ellen's loins. Don't let him, Ellenwatch, because in all likelihood, he too will dump her after having his way with her.