Friday, May 3, 2013

a naked wisk broom hangeing around a-nuzzeling me

I don't think she's ever before affixed "a-" to a progressive verb. 

As I've said, I'm not sure shyness is Philip's problem. Interested to hear if he calls.
Business Causeual? Not at my firm. This dress would be all I need, wearing some thing withOUT a covered shoulder! FOOEY! Frank would be STAREING at me and telleing me that I should go strappless and then he would NEVER leave me alone.
But YAY! It’s OPEN THREAD’S!!! I LOVE OPEN THREAD’S! And it’s weekend time. Tho I do NOT have a date yet, Rosa told Ed and Ed told Philip that he need NOT be so shy. Ed said that Philip is goieng to call about Sunday if he get’s tickets to some sporteing event. I do NOT know who is doeing what sport, but it has to be HERE IN NYC b/c I do NOT want to have to travel anywhere to see a bunch of men beateing each other up. FOOEY!
Robert sent another picture, and again, without the shirt. What is he tryeing to prove, that he can go topless in Central Park on a Tractor? That does NOTHING for me and beleive me, no way is he ever going to see me, even in a batheing suit! That guy has GOT to go, I will tell Myrna. I do NOT need a naked wisk broom hangeing around a-nuzzeling me, no matter what releigeion he is! DOUBEL FOOEY!

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