Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NOT sure that I can continue to bill 6 hour’s for mabye a 1/2 hour of work

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is actually 38, at least 4-6 years older than Ellen. He's been known not to mind younger women, however, so it could still be worth a shot. Meanwhile Ellen's spelling continues to erode (Marjie) and we learn for certain that billing 12x time actual worked for the client is de rigeur at Manageing & MANAGEING. Ellen isn't sure how she can proceed as a partner if this isn't allowed any longer...but I have a feeling MP know's.

Do we think Ellen will come back to Corporette with socio-historical reflections on love and beauty after seeing The Great Gat'sby?

You should do what I do. Have them delivered to the OFFICE, or you can have your DOORMAN sign for them in your apartement. I usueally have them delivered to the OFFICE, b/c that way, I can show the manageing partner right away, and make sure he will have FRANK give me my reimbeursement right away so I am NOT cash out of pocket for the 30% as DAD say’s. Dad has lightened up on me since I lost 3 lbs useing the FITBIT, but I still have 5 to go. I am NOT buying CRUMBS by the box, just indeividueall cupcake’s. He did NOT want me to eat at all, but I told him I would NOT go cold turkey on Crumb’s.
I am leaveing work early today to meet Myrna b/c we are goieing to see a movie togther. It’s the latest Leornardo DeCaprio movie with Carey Mulligan and it is suposed to be so good. I am a BIG fan of Leornardo ever since the Titanic movie. He was a child star, but I think we are about the same age. To bad he would NOT marry me b/c then I would NOT have to work at all and would NOT have to worry about takeing this CLE course on the ETHICS of Partnership. My dad warned me that I am NOW goieng to be joiently responsibile for all of my billieng’s as well as everybody else’s billings. I am NOT sure that I can continue to bill 6 hour’s for mabye a 1/2 hour of work any more. If that is what a PARTNER now has to do, FOOEY, b/c how can I get my 3200 hours each year? I am NOT goieing to work 3200 hours to do it. I have to ask this question at the CLE, but do NOT want to be liable for other partner’s billeing’s either. The manageing partner bills more hours then me and most of the time he is NOT working at all. Sometimes he bills when he is at home, and he billed 10 hour’s on the day that he and Marjie went to the Javit’s Center to look at Boat’s! I hope that is not goeing to be a problem. FOOEY!
How to other’s in the HIVE handel billieings? Is there a right way to do it where I can get alot of hour’s in while still beeing ETHEICAL? I hope so.

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