Monday, May 13, 2013

NOW I know why Betty could not stand Dan

TC, I am also sorry you're in the hospital and hope that Ellen's personalized note to you might bring some comfort. In the event you're also a Mad Men fan, this is almost like having a TV night with her and Myrna, right? 

I need to chew for a while on how Ellen's father's view of the world measures up with Mad Men. Neither he nor MP is smooth enough to be a Roger, but they're also too old and unattractive to be anyone else (except perhaps Bert). Wives who don't really count as people sitting around homes in the NY suburbs, however...of which Ellen aspire's to become one, of course...

Yes, I am also VERY sorry you are in hospital. FOOEY! Get well soon!!!!! If you are BORED and havent already started, I recomend that you watch all the MAD MEN episode’s!!! They are so cool, and I love Dan Draper! It is all about the 1960′s and MY dad say’s it is all VERY true to life. My dad think’s I am like Betty, but she is to nourotic for me, and she also is a brunette now. Personaly I think I am like Don’s new wife–altho NOT a blond like me, she is very French and very talented at work also! And Dan is so good with her, except I will NEVER understand how he can cheat on her with the DOCTORS’ WIFE! WHAT DOES HE SEE IN HER????? FOOEY ON MEN THAT ARE NOT TRUE TO US! I will NEVER marry a man who I think will cheat on me! FOOEY on that! DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I will never be able to sleep with him again! NOW I know why Betty could not stand Dan. FOOEY!

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