Monday, May 13, 2013

but he know’s peeople that I do NOT

I'm calling this Two Premature Resolutions--and not surprisingly, both can be blamed on Mr. Barshevsky and his impenetrable authority and overconfidence.

1) Dad's buying in for Ellen's partnership by the end of next month? Somehow I had hoped someone would exercise healthier skepticism, and thought we had until Xmas for that to happen. Does he even know she recently got an outside offer and isn't leveraging it at all
2) Philip will "apologize" for being "mousey" and all is forgiven because he lives alone? Myrna's theory was that he has a girlfriend--not a wife--and no matter who Dad hired to snoop around I am not satisfied on this point as of now. (NB: Vincent Kutza says Philip must be gay, for who else could resist Ellen's wiles?)

It is FINE. I realy dont know what the thing is with 18, but whatever, it is FINE! I LOVE the blazer, but way to low cut for me and FRANK would be stareing at me. It is also to pricey for me, even if I COULD wear it to work, which I can NOT. FOOEY!
I had a NICE mother’s day with MOM and Dad was very complementeary to me for a change, even tho I ate almost all of the ALMOND cookie’s. I simply can NOT find almond cookie’s in the CITY useing the almond paste that MOM use’s. YAY mom! I even brought 5 home to the city for MYRNA, b/c she LOVES them also. Dad said that I was slackeing off on the fitbit last week, but he know’s that 8 pound’s is all I have to loose before the summer, and I have OVER a month to do that. He warned me that everyone in the Hamton’s will be looking at MYRNA, but NOBODY at me if my tuchus does NOT shrink quickly. I said I was workeing on it.
Dad told me that Philip live’s alone in his apartement, and that it is a condominum worth about $700,000. Yay! I am NOT sure how he got this information so quick, but he know’s peeople that I do NOT. He also say’s that Philip has a car (YAY!), so if we do date, he can take me shopping to New JERSEY on Sunday’s—I love PYRAMUS MALL, or else he can take me to Nordstrom’s b/c I LOVE Nordstrum’s.
Dad said he would make my 2013 Capital COUNTRIBUTION to the Manageing Partner BEFORE 6/30 so that I will be entitled to a 50% share for 2013 next year after Partnership share’s are computed. He warned me that my tax return’s are goeing to get more complecated and that I would need a separate CPA person to do this b/c Dad does NOT want to have to do this degree of auditeing at his age. He said that if I married a CPA, I could kill 2 bird’s with one shot. I told him the last CPA I dated was a drunk, and probabely could NOT figure out the Partnershep arrangment that Dad put together for me. YAY DAD. Now I know he will continue to help me, but he REALY want’s me MARRIED to a guy like ED, who he say’s does ABSOLEUTELY EVERYTHING for ROSA (other then Child Birth, that is).
M0m was happy b/c Rosa came out with the BABY, tho Ed was stuck in Chapeaqua baby siting and doeing something for work. I think he is embarased that Philip is so mousey but he say’s Philip is goeing to apologize! YAY!!!!!

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