Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alot of her freind’s looked good, I dont want to misleed you

The CLE she's referring to is for MP's CYA. Note that all her skepticism about why she's being asked to take it is replaced by relief at the number of ethic's credit's that come with, kind of like how quick she was to excuse the huge and shady buy-in requirement for her partnership. 

Dad? Roberta? Leyeh? ANYBODY?

I think the Mother in law is saying no pastel’s b/c she does NOT want you to show up the BRIDE. Most likeley, the bride needs as much attention as she can get, and the LAST thing they need at the wedding is for the BRIDE to be upstaged by other women who have nicer dresse’s then the Bride.
When Rosa got married, Mom did NOT put out any restriction’s and as you might SUSPECT, alot of her freind’s dressed with very colorful dresse’s. Fourtuneately, b/c Rosa has model look’s, it did NOT matter that she had a simpel white dress –VERA WANG– b/c she was clearely the prettiest one there by far! YAY Rosa. Alot of her freind’s looked good, I dont want to misleed you, but they were realy NOTHIING special next to ROSA. If ONLEY I could have gotten some of ROSA’s gene’s, I would be MARRIED by now with Children of my own! FOOEY! Right now, I am NOT thrilled about haveing to impress littel Philip just b/c he has a job, and money in the bank. The thought of him makeing babies with me is NOT something I am lookeing forward to, especialy b/c I want 2 children and a house in the subburb’s. DOUBEL FOOEY! Mom went out and bought a whole chicken which we will COOK on FRIDAY night together. YAY!!!!! I am takeing off early from work b/c the manageing partner said I could. I signed up for the CLE, and will get 1.5 ETHIC’s credit’s for it. YAY!

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