Thursday, May 9, 2013

even if we stop along the way and get food or cupcake’s

Only the most prudent professional advice. I guess if the receipt isn't itemized the CLEINT doesn't necessarily know which demons of Ellen's it is financing. 
I don't know or want to know why Ellen has heard about MP's aversion to being seen naked. Maybe Margie confided this one afternoon in the Hamton's when they both went to check the oven.

I am GLAD you have a good releationship with the partner, but if it is goeing to be overnight, just make sure to get your OWN room in a decent hotel. If the firm is any good, they will pay for ALL of it and JUST bill it ALL back to the cleint. The manageing partner at my firm would NEVER even hint at shareing a room with me (or even another guy), b/c he does NOT want anyone to see him w/o his clotheing on.
Beside’s if the cleint is payeing for it, who care’s? We alway’s bill PORTAL TO PORTAL, which mean’s we start billeing from the second we leave the firm until the second we come back to the firm, even if we stop along the way and get food or cupcake’s. If it is part of the trip, the cleint pays for EVERYTHING! YAY!!!!!

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