Friday, May 24, 2013

we call it Barshevsky Brothers

More insight into Dad's aesthetic choices than we've ever had before. I was also unaware of this paternal uncel--other son of Leyeh--but I'm sure he's just as much the charmer.

May everyone get a preposterous marriage proposal this holiday weekend, and even outsource the mate-ensnaring cooking job to Mom! YAY!

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love HOLIDAY Open Thread’s! And I love Crock’s! Rosa started the trend in the Barshevsky Family, and now even DAD wear’s Crock’s! Dad NORMALLY NEVER wear’s anything that is NOT Brook’s Brother’s (we call it Barshevsky Brothers, b/c he has a brother that is just as preppey, mabye even more so), but now he wear’s CROCK’S! Does that fit? I do NOT think so!
Anyway, I was forced to stay late b/c the manageing partner wanted me to buff up his slide’s for a NEW CLEINT pitch he is giveing to a new potential cleint. We needed to update the slide’s to list some new CLEINT’s that I brought in (YAY), b/c we did NOT have those cleint’s when we last used the slide’s. I told the manageing partner that we did NOT get the permision to use the cleint’s name’s yet, but he said NOT to worry b/c he would put this into the small print on the May Billeing’s that Frank is sending out, and we would be fine. I am NOT sure about this b/c there is some case law I read in law school that said you NEED permission, but the manageing partner says the cleint does not read case law. I hope he is right.
Anyway, I have to catch a 5:30 train today and hope it will NOT be to croweded with all of the peeople goieng to the Hamtons. I say it will be to cold, and am glad that Myrna and I are not goieng yet. FOOEY if it is cold or wet (or both) when we go. I want to be abel to sit in the SUN (or at least under a BEACH UMBRELA! YAY!!!!! I do NOT want to have to deal with SKEEVEY guy’s who come over like they did at the Boardwalk who want us to drink beer’s with them. FOOEY! The last thing I need is a drunk guy with BEER BREATHE! DOUBEL FOOEY! I hope MOM is getteing the CHICKEN ready so that I can taste it by the time I get HOME tonite! YAY!!!!! DAD is also goieng to try it, and he is more then a little pickey! So if he like’s it, I will tell PHILIP to get me a 2 KARAT dimond ring when he come’s OVER! YAY!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLDIDAY’ to the HIVE, and I will be sure to REPORT back!!!!!

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  1. The MP is not ethical by using his clients name for commercial purposes without permission. Ellen should dissociate herself from that PowerPoint presentation.