Monday, May 20, 2013

I do NOT want to air my tuchus out

Ellen had had concerns about the lack of seasoning for ENGAGEMENT CHICKEN, and she's taking the high road here while still announcing her own vindication. Recall that this was a trial run for the dinner she was going to make for Philip, to induce a proposal, on the occasion of their second date despite a couple of weeks without any contact at all from him. Garnish is definitely the problem. 

Review: the "boyfreind" lost to Hurricane Sandy was David, who never called to check up on Ellen. He's made quite a few attempts to reconcile since then, but no go.

Yes, but did you see the back of this blazer? Instead of their being a SINGEL or DOUBEL vent, which is mabye OK, this has a CUTOUT where the tuchus is, so that your tuchus is compeltely visible. If you do NOT have a TUCHUS, FINE, but what, like ME, if you do? FOOEY! I do NOT want to air my tuchus out to the WORLD to see. FOOEY!
Grandma Leyeh and I cooked a chicken Friday, but I did NOT like it. It was TOO BLAND. FOOEY! I say next time I COOK IN the garnish item’s. I will have my MOM make it that way in HER oven. Mabye Grandma Leyeh’s oven is NOT hot enough to cook after all these years? I am NOT sure, but it was very BLAHHHH. I would not marry someone who cooked a bland bird like this. FOOEY!
Myrna and I drove out to Long Beach, which is still recovereing from Super Storm Sandie, FOOEY on Sandy. I lost a boyfreind b/c of Sandie, and him NOT calling or texteing me b/c of Sandie. There is still alot of Sand at Long Beach, and some guy’s kept askeing us if we wanted to go get beer’s with them. FOOEY on men that drink! FOOEY! Myrna said no and I agreed. YAY!

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