Friday, May 17, 2013

I never am goeing to get MARRIED if I am to assertive

Very abruptly, Ellen has backed off from her unapologetic first-date checklist for Philip and chastened into more like what Dad would have wanted to marry (that legendary catch, he). 

I almost think Ellen was specifically trolling for the Engagement Chicken recipe here--she was so pointed about the magical meal that induces a proposal. I was wondering if it would work even on a second date, but since the preamble suggests the effect may be delayed, I suppose it's never too early to try. Thanks, Francie Nolan! If we get Grandma Leyeh's marriage-incentive bonus it may be all to your credit.
I love this Blazer, and I love Macy’s, but I have to start to be fruegel to impress Philip. My dad told me that he think’s that I never am goeing to get MARRIED if I am to assertive, and that I need to take a lesson from Mom, who managed to get DAD to marry her. He suggested that Mom was abel to get him to marry her b/c she was a great cook, and that the way to his heart was thru his stomich. I knew I heard this before, but now I have to listen. Mom told me she would teach me how to cook a great meal from scratch, either turkey with fixing’s or pot roast, which is what hooked dad. Grandma Leyeh has other idea’s b/c she knows mom is a great cook, but not as good as she is. So anyway, I have to get some recipe’s from BOTH and start testing them first with MYRNA, b/c I have to convince Philip to marry me b/c I will make a good wife and mother for OUR children and run the house hold for us while he work’s at Merrill Lynch. Ed says if Rosa can do it, so can I and he knows that Philip is a guy who just like’s his life quiet. I will have to learn to be less bossy around him if he MARRIES me, but right NOW, I need cooking idea’s to make him MARRY me. Has anyone in the hive figured out what meal’s to cook to make there boyfreind MARRY them? Right NOW, he is NOT even a boyfreind, so I have along way to go. FOOEY! I want to get the $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh, and do NOT have alot of time.

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