Saturday, May 11, 2013

[Weekend Smorrgu'sboard]

I'll be the first to say that this collection of coment's from yesterday is a little unusual. No narrative of her own; she's just replying to others while bringeing in a few personal notes. Still it seems a little caricatured. Too much afternoon coffee or something? 

I know better than to bother alleging fakery, but especially the highlighted segment of Post #2 below is suspicious. Philip has been called out as an elf and at this point seems unlikely even to be single--the ambition to marry him specifically is thus a few weeks out of date. Hmmmmn...

Why? As long as you did not sleep with him, who cares? He may not care or even remember you! GO AND DON’T BE SILLY! now it’s YOU THATneed’s to find a HUSBAND! Yay! I love open threads!!!!

Now is the time for you to look for a guy to MARRY YOU! That is a far better way for you to sound off! Once you Re MARRIED, you won’t be so worried. I am goeing to get PHILIP or some other guy to marry me so I can collect from Grandma Leyeh! YAY!!!!!!

We bill for EVERYTHING, even our snacks from crumbs. The ONLEY rule is that we must talk business at least once every 15 minutes, even for 20 seconds. Yesterday, we all sat in the conferenece room talking about boat’s and summer vacation’s for 2 hours! We even had lunch brought in b/c it was raining to hard to go out. The Manageing partner told all 7 of us to bill back 100% of our time to our WORST cleint and he would bill the lunch to one of his Cleint’s.
I have no TROUBEL billeing. 3100 hours each year even tho I onley work less then 1200 hours in real time. Yay!!!!! The Manageing partner calls me the prettiest billeing machine east of the Misippi river!!!!! Yay!!!

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