Monday, May 13, 2013

lighteing a fire under Philip’s TUCHUS

Yes, in my experience pressure and shaming always work to make a man fall in love, propose and impregnate promptly. All my money is on Ellen's plan. 

Where is the TJ MAX in Manhattan? I want to get a grey PAIR also, but do NOT want to spend to much money on them! Is there a TJ MAX in Manhattan?
Rosa called and said that Ed talked with Philip. He chewed him out — or in Ed’s word’s he is goeing to be “lighteing a fire under Philip’s TUCHUS” to call me! YAY! B/c I do NOT want to have to chase him. I want him to come to ME. I want him to want to date ME. I want him to want to MARRY ME. I want him to want to have children with ME and live in a big house in the subburb’s with ME and our CHILDREN! YAY!!! He has along way to go b/f he get’s there, but if he has a condo in NYC worth so much money, then he sureley has the capability of supporting ME!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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