Friday, May 17, 2013

but he is both bald and fat.

Ellen's marriage ruse--pretendeing she will do household work and then pulling the ol' switcheroo once the poor guy is hooked--is still being contemplated, despite Dad's measured success convincing her that she needs to be wide-eyed and timid. 

YAY!!!! OPEN THREAD’s!!!! I love Open thread’s!!!! And another great pick by Kat with these wedge’s!!! Cute and inexpensive, though DAD says I am far to squat to wear wedge’s, Rosa Can!!!!
As for the OP, absoleutely NOT!!!! NO open toe’s to depo”s or to court. You do NOT want to be a distraction, the manageing partner say’s. He says peeople should be lookeing at your face, not your toe’s. And I agree, b/c in the City, there is a lot of schumutz in the street that if you are weareing OPEN toes, you will step into. FOOEY! So stick to closed toe’s.
As for me, while waitng for Philip to confirm dinner for next week, Myrna and I are goieng to the Beach this weekend, but ONLEY to sit on the Boardwalk. We do NOT want to go in the water yet b/c it is to cold (BRRRRR!!!! says Myrna), even tho she is a tryathlete and I am NOT. Myrna says she know’s a guy who want’s to get married, but he is both bald and fat. One or the other I can take if I have to but NOT both. There are so many bald fat guy’s that want me to date them that I think I am on a special planet for them. I do NOT want to be cruel, but I do NOT want bald children. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Lloyd Blankfein can marry Ellen
because he is bald but not fat
So I am meeting Grandma Leyeh in the Bronx Sunday to cook the Chicken at her place. My oven I am NOT sure it even work’s, b/c I use maineley the microwave for warmeing up take out. Grandma Leyeh will also be teacheing me alot of cookeing tip’s that I can share with Philip so that he thinks I am goieing to be a good homemaker. YAY!!!!! Once we are married, I will probabley cook a little, mabye once or twice a month, but I do NOT intend to be a TV MOM like Mrs. Bradey from the Bradey Bunch. FOOEY! I do NOT want 6 kid’s either. 2 is more then enough for me, and I could NOT imageing haveing Philip for 6 consecutetive kid’s. That would be alot of bedroom activitie’s with an elf. I probabely would not mind if he turned out to have a bank account like the Goldman guy Lloyd Blankfine, but he will NOT so FOOEY on him trying to be makeing so many babie’s with me.

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  1. I would never fall for Ellen's false modus operandi if I were a guy. If she is truly interested in getting married, she'd be a lot more sincere to men, and not so self absorbed. She needs to stop thinking of men as her open wallet. Men should be viewed as her equal, not some one to con into spending money surreptitiously.