Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am not sesueally attracted to him

Initially, Ellen had concluded that Phillip didn't ask to come upstairs at the end of their date because he's a gentelman. Now evidently it's a lack of libido. I still don't know what to think, especially with his texting running so hot and cold. 

For anyone who's fallen behind, the Parks Dept. employee referenced below is ROBERT.
Mabye I should go to a wedding and find a guy. I do simpathize with you b/c it is dificult NOT bieng with someone after you are a COUPEL. When I dropped Alan b/c he was a drunk, I felt bad, but now I realize I should not be missing him and his vomitting! FOOEY! Now I have two guy’s tryeing to see if I am the one for them and me tryeing to see if they are the one for me. The problem is one guy (Philip) is very stand offish, and has no sexual drive as far as I can see, which IS NOT a bad thing at this point, b/c I am not sesueally attracted to him (he would be a good provider, tho). There is also a guy who is tryeing to nuzzle up to me who work’s for the parks department, but I do NOT see him earneing enough for me and our children. FOOEY. He does make me laugh, but I think I would have to work full time to suport children if we were married. I want to be a stay at home mom for a while, but do NOT think I can aford it, and DAD is saying NOT to marry a guy who will NOT bring home the bacon. I do NOT even eat bacon! How Ironic that is!
Anyway, just hang in there and there WILL be a guy for both of us. YAY!!!!!

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