Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grandma Leyeh says to be more aggresive

So she's just as confused as I am about Phillip's behavior. I still say we can't rule out that he's married...and even well-intentioned matchmaker Ed may not have known!

I agree. The price is RIGHT, and I love Lord & Taylor, but the color, As Grandma Leyeh says all the time Oy Vay! She like’s us to wear bright red, but NOT tomatoe red. Also, the manageing partner want’s me to wear fire-engine red for the judge, and he love’s it to b/c he is alway’s STAREING at my leg’s when I wear either RED, WHITE or BLACK, with matching pump’s of course! YAY, b/c I rarley loose a motion with him. I am due back Tuesday on 3 of Roberta’s case’s and ROBERTA want’s to go to Century 21 afterward’s! YAY b/c I do NOT go there execept when we go to court.
I am a little conerned about Robert. He keep’s askeing for a picture he can put in his locker. That is so tackey! I told him NO picture’s for him or his lawn cutteing freind’s. I do NOT want his picture either, b/c then he will be even MORE demanding. Mean while, Philip is NOT texteing me today. I do NOT think I can figure him out. He want’s to date, but NOT to get sereious I think. I NEVER want to take the lead, but Grandma Leyeh says to be more aggresive. I am NOT goeing to throw my self at him tho. FOOEY. No man is worth that, after Alan. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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