Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have always noted that Ellen's caps usually signify nothing at all, but here it's almost as if she projects her voice in text talking about projecting her voice. Wishing she would upload an audio file of herself reading a coment or two, because "feminine" isn't necessarily what I had imagined from her. 

This is so true. Because of my feminine voice, I have had alot of troubel estableashing credibility, particulearly over the telephone when negotiateing settelment’s with plaintiffs’ counsel. They AUTOMATICEALLY think I am a little girl, not a licensed attorney admitted and in GOOD standeing to practice in the State Supreme Courts of the State of New York (and Federal Court). That is where I learned to PROJECT MY VOICE LOUDELEY SO THAT THE JUDGE CAN HEAR ME FROM THE BENCH.
No instead, these ATTORNEY boor’s think I can be manipuleated into setteling for alot of money when in fact we have both cleint and insureance carrier’s guideline’s and incentive’s to settel for as LITTLE as possible. In fact, our best cleint’s, like Roberta, just give us standeing instruction’s to settle for anywhere between $0 and $1,400. If they want more then $1,400, she says to tell them “we will see you in court.” That is why I am in court so much! Yay! b/c the judge love’s me in Manhattan, but not so much in Bronx, Queen’s or Brooklyn. That is also why the manageing partner loves me b/c I have brought in alot of new Busines’s in Manhattan where his freind, the judge is. To insure there is NOT ever a confliect of INTEREST, I never go with the manageing partner when he takes the judge out to lunch. This way, the judge only see’s me from AFAR, so that is OK, the manageing partner say’s. Best to keep him lookeing, the manageing partner alway’s tells me. YAY! B/c The manageing partner says my track record is now at 93% on all motion’s before him. YAY!!!!!

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