Tuesday, May 14, 2013

” I will have my woman take care of it?”

Nice analysis of normative office language. I can definitely, however, picture MP or Dad saying this. It's also noteable that Ellen think's intent matters more than semantics given that senior men's attitudes toward her and views of her proper role are about as denigrating as it gets in 2013 Manhattan. 

As long as YOU are respectful, the word’s are SECONDARY. The manageing partner often tell’s peeople — refering to me — that “I’ll have Ellen take care of it”. Some peeople would think that is not respecteful of me, calleing me by my first name, but other’s who know us just know that the manageing partner is just bieng freindly by calleing me Ellen, rather than Ms. Barshevsky, which sound’s SOOOOO Formal!!!!! Also, when he talks about Lynn, the office asistant, he some times calls her “the girl”. Lynn does NOT care, and neether do I, b/c she is young and like’s to be thought of as a young adult. What is he suposed to say anyway? ” I will have my woman take care of it?” That sound’s even MORE silly! I think that you MUST consider the audience and the SOURCE of the word’s rather then the word”s themselve’s. If the guy is OK, like the manageing partner, the words do not matter. On the other hand, if he is a jerk, then ANYTHING he says is suspect. FOOEY!
I have to get 2 breif’s into court by 4:30 pm, so I can’t tell you much more, but I have to think of how I am ever goeing to prepare a HOME COOKED MEAL for Philip! HELP!!!!!! I may need to inlist Grandma Leyeh’s help from the BRONX. All she can say now is OY!!!!!!

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