Tuesday, May 21, 2013

b/c I have to keep my option’s OPEN!

One more step toward commitment to Ellen's partnership. I am still not totally supportive of this, and frankly I think I've earned a say. Dad's politic's and daughter's uncritical ingestion of them continue. 

Meanwhile on the dateing front, she's playing it cool by preparing Engagement Chicken Take 2 for her family + Myrna, and asking Robert to wait on standby, all in anticipation of Philip deigning to call. Nobody could accuse Ellen of being too skeptical, but at this point I'm surprised that no relative, nor even the "appalled" Myrna, has made the inference for Ellen and suggested she cut bait. 

We MUST follow KAT’s lead on this b/c she is the expert on good styleing and shoe’s. I LOVE the biscotti color and the shorter heels make them useable at work and in court, tho the manageing partner was NOT thrilled when I showed him these b/c he thought the color was to light for court. I told him I am NOT in court every day, and that I MUST be styleish, especialy if I am takeing depo’s here in the office. He said OK, so I can get these! YAY!!!! And I LOVE Ann Taylor, so it will go well with my other Ann Taylor’s! Doubel Yay!!!
Dad is goeing to make a withdrawl for my partnership advance this month from his investement account. He said it is time to take profit’s from Boieng b/c the 787 is now back on track and the price is right. He said he bought at 45 and it is now nearley 100 so he is makeing alot of money on that, tho he said he DOES have to pay capeiteal gain’s. FOOEY he says. He said something about O’bama’s taxes are hurteing the take home amount on this for me. FOOEY on that! FOOEY! b/c he has to sell more share’s then he would have last year. But I said NOT to worry b/c I was NOT to be a partner last year, but I am this year. He agreed and huffed off, but happy that I am goieng to be a partner and abel to influence the direction of the firm! YAY!!!!
Myrna is appalled that Philip is not calling yet, and I refuse to chase him, even tho I am workeing on the chicken dish. I am to go to Mom’s for the holiday weekend and try it with her and dad. I do NOT have any date’s planned for this weekend, and Myrna said she could spend Saturday with me on LI, so she will be there to test the food to! YAY!!!! Robert texted about going fishing, but I cannot with a straght face think of him and fishing, b/c he had fish in his teeth at the Seder, and he smell’s alot like old fish. FOOEY! I told him NOT to make plans yet, b/c I have to keep my option’s OPEN! YAY!

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