Friday, May 10, 2013

He said was I Interested in “goeing over to the dark side?”

I don't think Ellen's acknowledging how big a deal this phone call was. For anyone who forgets, Brian is the sad-sack opposing counsel who consistently loses to Ellen on white collar matters in which she represents Roberta & Co., and I believe also Jim & Co. This means Ellen is being recruited by her opponent's boss, prospectively to become Brian's colleague. It also means she'd have to completely leave behind the business she developed for Manageing & MANAGEING, since she obviously couldn't keep cleints that her new firm is suing. True to form, however, the first caution she think's of is losing her clotheing allowance and perhaps descending into Brian-like frumpery. 

What about the potential advantages here, though? We know MP's offer for Ellen's partnership buy-in started off way too steep and has since just become incomprehensible (managed exclusively by Dad). She could leverage her pending partnership offer at M&M with Brian's boss to see what it yielded, no? Or, conversely, use this outside offer to get a better deal from MP? Maybe between favorite cookie's, baked for her by Mom on Mothers' Day, some of these things will magically occur to Ellen (because she's reading my blog...)
Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!! I love Fruegel Friday’s! And I SUPER LOVE this sheathe dress! I think I will order it even if FRANK will be stareing at me weareing it. FOOEY on him if he does!
I got a call yesterday from the Partner at Brian’s law firm. He said was I Interested in “goeing over to the dark side?” I said what are you talkeing about? He said that they were lookeing for another asociate to supplement Brian who is over worked, and they knew how sucesful I am in case’s against their firm.
I told him thank’s but no thank’s b/c I enjoyed doeing what I do and that I was goieng to stay at my firm b/c I was goeing to be a partner. I did NOT even ask if they had a clotheing allowance b/c Brian alway’s is sloppy and I am sure would not buy clothe’s even if they gave him 50%!
I told the manageing partner about the call and he seemed to be anxious about it. I told him NOT to worry, b/c I was happy here. He then thanked me for all of my hard work. He then said he was giveing another CLE, and would I want to be on the dais with him for this one? I said I would b/c I need to get more exposure in the comunity if I am ever to become a judge. He said OK — now I have to do some reserch so I can give him new POWER POINT SLIDES by the end of next week. I guess that is a FOOEY b/c I was NOT planning on doeing any work this weekend, but now I must — I am goeing to LI for Mother’s Day SUNDAY (YAY!) and she is bakeing me my favorite cookie’s!!!! DOUBEL YAY!!!!! I can do my reserch on my MACBOOK AIR or on DAD’s IMAC, and just e-mail it back to me… TRIPEL YAY!!!!


  1. I think Philip must be gay not to have put it to ELLEN after wining and dining her.

    1. Thank you, Vinnie. I had not thought of this possibility, and obviously neither did Ellen, Myrna or Dad. It's certainly a more generous explanation for his behavior than two-timing. Maybe he isn't even out to his friend Ed?