Tuesday, May 7, 2013

both to other lawyer’s as well as to marrageabel men

Ellen had a fairly self-conscious afternoon, first doing a classic turn to toast Corporette's fifth birthday and then offering advice to another poster on her 26th birthday (below). The material here is also tried and true: marketing to men is probably more important than makeing a career; make sure your Dad is firmly in charge of whatever counts; JSFAMO because although Ellen coined it the motto has caught on far beyond anything she likely expected.

Datapoint: Ellen started at Manageing & MANAGEING LLP at age 25. Since she's currently in her sixth year, that should mean she's 31 or just turned 32 in March--stacking up perfectly with previous calculations.

3 cheer’s for the HIVE! Happy B-Day Kat!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have alot to tell, but no time to tell now b/c the manageing partner is stareing at me waiteing for me to do a breif for him to send to a cleint! FOOEY!


Your so young! When I was your age, I was just starteing out as an attorney and I had onley 1 year under my belt with the manageing partner! YAY! It has been upwards and it get’s better with time!
Since you are YOUNG, you should ALWAY’S remember to preserve your youth, not to drink alot and not to smoke, and to get alot of sleep and to worke out to stay svelte, b/c you want to be respected at work and you want to get married to a decent guy who will treat you right. Also, make sure NOT to sleep with a guy who does NOT respect you. I made the mistake goeing out with a drunk who made false promise’s and vomited alot after drinkeing beer’s and wine in my apartement.
While you are STILL young, make sure to negotiate as best you can your compenseation package, and have your dad help you. My dad helped me get a good partnership deal with the manageing partner, but I will STILL have to work hard to make it pay off for me. Once your a partner, you will be much more marketeable, both to other lawyer’s as well as to marrageabel men. Do NOT settle for a looser, even if it mean’s not being MARRIED. I am still waiteing for MR RIGHT, b/c Philip is to wimpy and ROBERT is kind of schmucky without his shirt on the TRACTOR. Never send picture’s of yourselves’ on the INTERNET, b/c men will post them and you can be embarased. FOOEY! I have alot of other thing’s I could say, but there are other gals here who are smarter then me who have already said them. Finaly, when you are about to get mad at something or some one, dont. Just say FOOEY! and Move on! YAY!!!!!

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