Tuesday, May 21, 2013

then thaw it out the day that Philip come’s OVER

Finellaley! Philip has again waited a matter of weeks to get in touch, but he did. I'm not excited, but of course she is. I wonder if the engagement chicken will have gone bad in the freezer by the time they actually make a plan. 
Winking again at our oh-so-discreet symbiosis with "29rd."

I love this sachel bag too, but my Dad bought me a big LIT bag that I carry EVERYTHING in, especialy my clotheing that I must wear in court and an extra set of pump’s, in addition to all of the court breif’s and other book’s and my makeup kit. So while I love KAT’s choice, I will not purchase one. Beside’s, the manageing partner will NOT reimburse for satchel’s, b/c he say’s they are NOT clotheing. I will NOT argue, b/c he DOES reimburse for shoe’s and belt’s. YAY!!!!! Fooey on dad, b/c sometimes he calls me sachel ass. FOOEY!
Philip sent a text message sayeing that he is interested in meeting again and that he would like to try my chicken. Ed must have told him about the chicken. I hope he did NOT say that it was good (or bad) b/c I do NOT like the taste yet. For now, I have to try again with Mom and see if she make’s it any better. If it is GOOD tasteing, I then will take it, put it in my FREEZER, then thaw it out the day that Philip come’s OVER! YAY!!!!
I am NOT a cook, but MUST make Philip think I am a good cook and home maker. I will have to inveite him over on the day that my cleaneing lady come’s so the place look’s good. I will also have my cleaneing lady wash the window’s on the apartement b/c I face the avenue, and there is alot of schumutz on the window even tho I am on the 29rd floor. If onley dad had bought me a place on the 35th floor, I do NOT think I would have this probelem. FOOEY! But at least I have a good view of the EAST River and the Airport plane’s takeing off. YAY!!!!!!

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