Monday, May 6, 2013

YOU know they will NOT diss you

Advice is for making small talk in groups. I'm glad Ellen has faith in not getteing dissed--perhaps gained from her longtime experience of loving, unconditional acceptance on the internet. Luckily for me, spinach in teeth isn't much of a minus here.

And...she's exceptionally introspective in this highlight below. Does "should" mean she actually isn't all that disappointed that the phone didn't ring? Given her lack of sesueal attraction to Philip maybe she doesn't mind cutting bait. I'm still not sure I buy the shyness line, though, so I will ask a third time: is Philip secretly MARRIED?

At any rate, I'm sure Myrna and Roberta would agree that she never should have stayed home all weekend. Weren't Macy's and Crumb's open? FOOEY!

I agree with the poster’s. It is alway’s good to get alot of PRACTICE with freindly peeople first. Try talkeing with relatives at a gathering or picknick first. YOU know they will NOT diss you, but make sure you do NOT have food in your teeth. Alan once came to a family 4th of JULY event and he had alot of corn in his teeth, and his breathe was bad. FOOEY! My family was NOT overley impresed with him b/c of this and b/c he drank 4 beer’s and was burpeing alot when he talked. My dad realy said he was a mess.
I should be sad b/c I stayed home this weekend waiteing for my guy to call, but he never did. I told Rosa and Rosa told Ed and Ed said he would look into it. Ed say’s he IS interested, but he is realy to shy for me. I am afraid that if we GOT married that I would have to sit on him before he gave me a BABY! DOUBEL FOOEY ON THAT. He is the ONLEY guy in along time that has not wanted to have sex with me. How can I tell him that I apreciate that witout him NEVER wanteing to have sex with me if we are MARRIED? This is walkeing a fine line.
I am very busy prepareing motion’s for court that I have to upload by 3PM today for my court dates tomorrow. The manageing partner want’s to come with me to court. I think he does NOT have enough to do on his own so he is goeing to follow me around tomorrow. He also bought his 53 foot boat and told me that I can come out with mom and dad anytime after Memorial DAY! YAY!!!! I hope I have a guy to come with me tho. Philip better step up soon, b/c I need a MAN, not a boy! FOOEY!

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