Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a bald partner and 3 asociate’s all wanted me to date them but I wanted to learn about the law

Interesting--I don't think Ellen has ever before shared that she considered leaving the legal field. 

We also know little to nothing about her first firm job, evidently in DC, because she's said that she was an intern when she met the manageing partner. I had assumed that gig was in NYC, hence running into MP in an elevator, but I suppose it wasn't necessarily. My understanding was also that her boss at that time was MR. FRANK, who was unsavory in his own ways but I didn't think was a lawyer and thus couldn't have been Ellen's previous supervising partner--nor did I think she was working for him as an attorney. I await clarification.

I think this is a GREAT IDEA! I often thought of leaveing the practice of law (or more like NOT starteing at all), when thing’s looked bad for me before I met the manageing partner. I had a bad summer expiereience at a goverment agency, then I took a job at a BIG DC firm and a bald partner and 3 asociate’s all wanted me to date them but I wanted to learn about the law. They also wanted me to go to sport’s game’s with them and eat, but I was onley goieng to get fat eateing at the arena so I did NOT go more then 4 time’s with them. The partner kept calleing me even tho I did NOT get an OFFER to work there. He kept telleing me that I was on the waiting list, even tho the FIRM did NOT tell me this. I think it was ONLEY b/c he wanted to date me so he strung me along. So I think my runneing into the manageing partner in the summer was a good thing b/c nothing else ever matereialized in DC worth anything. FOOEY on men that streing you along then do NOT deliver on their promise’s! Alan did that too. Drunken schumuck!

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