Friday, May 17, 2013

a swarm of looser’s all wanted to show me around

Sorry for the backlog of post's--I should be catching up today. I've been busy tending to my fitbit, Crumb's, Ann Klein scrunchies etc.

Note that Ellen got out of wasting her JD on a lifetime of oooogleing by maintaining her crucial ties with MP. Rock solid reasoning as alway's!
Great Jacket, KAT! I hope to be skinney enough to wear the one I have!!! FOR THE OP, I got into my job by accidedent! I did NOT even know what WC law was when I bumped into the manageing partner in an elevator. I had a crappy job as a process server, and was tryieng to find a company to serve the process to when I struck up a conversation with him, and he saw something in me that he liked! So all of a sudden, I found myself with a choice. Keep up my contact with the manageing partner for a potential new job after the BAR, or keep hunting for other job’s where the men onley wanted to date me, not hire me. Because my dad told me that he did NOT send me to law school to be some guy’s eye-candy (or to be some old guy’s sugar mama), I decided to keep up with the manageing partner, so that after the BAR, he gave me a FULL TIME job as a litiegator, doing mostley Workman’s Compensation defense law. I think I kind of fell into this, b/c I was NOT even abel to find a law school class that would REALY teach me this stuff, and beside’s, almost all of the law profesor’s at GW did not do this kind of law. They were mostley constituional scholar’s, and many were interested in working on the HILL. FOOEY! I did NOT want to work on the HILL, b/c most times I went there, a swarm of looser’s all wanted to show me around, and I did NOT like these guy’s all over me. DOUBEL FOOEY!
So see what you like, and then see if you can find a manageing partner to mentor you, like I did. YAY! He is very good to me. You should make sure to ask if you can also have a clotheing allowance, if you are goieng into court, like me. It pay’s off in the long run. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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