Friday, May 3, 2013

did NOT need to be scrubbed off like the grape’s would

Never complain that Ellen doesn't give us enough detail! I assume my record is broken at this point stating how much Dad sucks. It's almost adaptive for Ellen to be so oblivious.

You have to be VERY carful if your in the PUBLIC Sector about accepteing any GIFT’s. The manageing partner wanted to send our WC Judge a gift basket of fruit and nut’s and he could NOT accept it b/c of conflict of INTEREST rule’s. So when the Judge sent it back, I got to keep it b/c alot of the FRUIT was goeing to get rotten. I do NOT like grape’s so I gave those to Madeline, but I DID bring home the orange’s and banannna’s b/c they had a skin on them and did NOT need to be scrubbed off like the grape’s would. I also took home a can of MACCCADEMIA nut’s which were SOOOOOOO Good, but VERY fatening, my dad says. FOOEY on that! Dad alway’s looks right at my tuchus when he talks about food, to SHAME me into eateing less. But my MANTRA is to enjoy your meal’s b/c you HAVE TO eat! YAY!!!!!

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