Monday, August 26, 2013

let alone talked seriously about marrage

Thus far no surprises. It is somewhat relieving (or frustrating, depending on you're perspective) to see that Ellen has any notion whatsoever that you shouldn't marry someone you don't actually know.

I agree. Shorter peeople like me can NOT pull this off, but Rosa probabley can. I have agreat story to tell about the weekend. Sam was a bit of a dork with Dad, but Dad seems to like him and made him a confidential proposition that Sam said involved me. Sam did tell me that he has a list of thing’s that Dad wants him to satisfy with b/f he will let Sam marry me. I was MORTIFIED, b/c I have not realy even dated Sam yet, let alone talked seriously about marrage. FOOEY!
The most detailed thing I told him about was Grandma Leyeh’s proposition and I saw (INADVERTEANTLY) Sam’s winkie when he sat down Indian Style on my carpet. So I do NOT think I am ready for marrage, tho I do want the $50K. I have a big depo to prepare for so I will catch you up later. YAY!

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