Saturday, February 22, 2014

a hungry lion lookeing for food, (with Lynn being the meal)

Has Ellen submitted to Ask A Manager? Not as a commenter (though let me know about that too...) but for help in mulling over her new management role? Paragraph 2 almost poses a question, and I would LOVE to see how it would be handeled. 

Yes, this could be me also, especialy b/c I am now manageing Mason. As a newly MINTED partner, I have to be authoritative to Mason, and make sure he does NOT do anything stupid that make’s me look stupid. So clotheing is a part of it. I must dress professioneally and be authoritative, or Mason will walk all over me.
Right now, my Dilemna is to figure out how he must act at work with Lynn. I am positive he is haveing sex with her OUTSIDE of work, but I must make sure he act’s professional 100% of the time at work with her. Otherwise, peeople like Madeline will question my own professionealism for failure to properly manage Mason. It is the manageing partner’s job to manage Lynn, but she is NOT the probelem. It is Mason, who is agressive sexually toward’s her, kind of like a hungry lion lookeing for food, (with Lynn being the meal). YAY! I have it tough as a manageing attorney at the firm and a partner. I hope he does listen to me. FOOEY if he does not, b/c we do NOT want employment litiegation here at the firm. We are to small for that b/c everyone would know everything, b/c everything would be in the pleeading’s which are public. FOOEY!


  1. Lynn sounds ok too though Masons been getting that and I want prime fresh meat. Help me out Ellenwatch. Get me in with Ellen!

  2. Don't help him Ellenwatch. He'd only dump her after soiling her.