Tuesday, February 11, 2014

normaly IRS guy’s do not make alot of freinds

Yes, the dilemma I anticipated has indeed borne out: how can you charm someone so thoroughly that they're convinced to leave you alone and travel many state's away, never to return or raise further questions about the financial integrity of your employer? 

Meanwhile we still see the insinuation that for Ellen, partnership means exactly this kind of pseudo-sexual posturing in the interests of MP. Admittedly, she's probably a rather dubious asset to the firm in every other capacity...but that can be said too of Frank and all other employees, and nobody make's them dangle tuchus at authorities in order to earn their pay. 

Yay! Pricey Monday’s!!!! I love Pricey Monday’s and this dress, Kat! I Love the COLOR, and I do Love the neckline, b/c Frank can NOT stare at my boobies with this one, but the price is a littel to pricey for me, even now that I am a PARTNER! FOOEY!
I went to the MOOMA with the IRS guy — he was stayeing at some fleebag hotel near time’s square at a goverment rate, so I agreed to meet him on 53rd Street. We saw alot of good thing’s, including a photography show that was REALY great. I love old picture’s. The IRS guy showed me some place’s nearby and we ate at a hotel nearby that had GREAT food. I insisted on payeing at the restrunt for both of us (b/c I am geting reimbursed by the firm), and he paid for the MOOMA, but I gave him cash back.
He is a nice guy and he think’s he has about 3 more day’s here. He was very happy to have company b/c normaly IRS guy’s do not make alot of freinds. He audit’s ONLY partnership’s and mostley Law firm partnership’s. He said ours was not that unusual, tho there were some thing’s he would have to take back with him to DC for senior review (whatever that is). FOOEY! The manageing partner said to do whatever it takes to get rid of him PRONTO, but I am not sure what I can do to chase him out of here faster then he would OTHERWISE go.
He has a brother that lives on LI with his family, and he want’s to start a family soon b/c his brother’s kid’s are growing up and he wants them to be freind’s with them. I told him I grew up on LI, and mabye we know the same place’s. He said we should mabye get together after this audit stuff is over. I said mabye, but I am still worried about dateing a guy from DC. The guy’s I remember from college and law school from DC just wanted for me to take my clothe’s off and have sex. FOOEY! Peeople in DC are very transent, and do NOT usueally want to settel down. Even my professor’s always OOGELED me and did NOT take me that serieus, tho I would NOT EVER have sex with them. DOUBEL FOOEY!
For now, I have to walk a thin line, the manageing partner says, between encourageing this IRS guy and getting rid of him. It is VERY dificult being a partner at this firm. FOOEY!

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  1. I am all for Ellen being the sexual firm playtoy, as long as I'm doing the playing. I don't want anything from her after she's been with Benjamin, or Alan, or any other jerk. She's clean now, and that's the way I want her. Once she's been soiled with these guys, count me out, at least for a month.