Saturday, February 8, 2014

he is sure I am stalling b/c of my tuchus

See highlight: Ellen is considering packing up and moveing out of town for the IRS guy, that's how "not so bad" he's looking at this point. Does she have some enduring thing for numbers nerd's? At any rate, I say again, this character needs a name. It was already slim pickings for male names, I get that, but the only additional one taken off the shelf lately was...Mason. 

Here's an experiment: I suggest ROCK or BROCK. Let's see if the IRS guy could possibly be the first of Ellen's characters named by me. 

Yay! I Love Ann Taylor and this, with a very nice silk blouse mabye?
As for the OP, make sure to buy very warm clotheing, includeing a heavy coat (or at least a PUFFY down coat) that is big enough to put OVER a suit. I got one last year from Marmont that my dad gave me, but then I gave it away to NY Care’s BEFORE it got so cold here. I wish I had NOT done that b/c I had to borrow Myrna’s fur, which smelles funny! FOOEY!
The IRS guy as much as told me he no longer has a girfreind and that he like’s me b/c he offered to take me to dinner and NOT even charge the IRS. I told him we alway’s bill the cleint, but for some ethiecal reason, he will NOT allow us to buy him dinner or even Crumb’s! I think he is VERY ethiecal, not like Alan, who never was honest with me when it came to our releationship. The IRS guy agrees that Alan was a lousy person. DOUBEL FOOEY! Mabye an acountant for the IRS would not be so bad, but that depend’s on wether the manageing partner would let me head up a new export / import practice from DC.
I told Dad that I might not be comeing home this weekend b/c of this guy, and he was disapporinted b/c he is sure I am stalling b/c of my tuchus. The cleaneing lady has to give me back my fitbit first any way, I told him. Mabye she is geting a smaller tuchus if she is workeing out with my Fitbit!!! YAY!


  1. Ellen should date this guy.

    1. Why him? Why not me? He is a government hack. As for Ellen's tuchus, I am sure I could plane that down with a week's worth of work in the sack. I'd be pleased to help her out there; just lose the IRS hack and let me prove my own worth.

    2. What makes you think that Ellen will let your dick penetrate her vajayjay? I think she will not let you drop your drawers at all, and you'll be left holding your ball sac!

  2. I'm the only guy with cohones willing to go to bed with Ellen. Why can't you give me a chance, Ellenwatch? You are the all-knowing one in this website.