Saturday, February 22, 2014

who send’s us blank CLE forms

The reprimand's have so far been fairly polite, but yes. I am way behind schedule, and I'm sorry. I can't give any spoilers in this post or those following because I'm so far from knowing what happens!

The hemming and hawing about moving to Belgum is same old. The create-your-own CLE credit certificates, though, this is news! I'd probably be convinced that MP was cutting corners no matter what, but at this point it seems like almost every day we learn of something new that he's (rightly) concerned about being caught for. 

Yay! Splurge Monday’s! I love silk blouse’s and color’s now that winter is grippeing us so tightly about. FOOEY on Winter! FOOEY!
As for the OP, I am NOT sure what kind of training you want — the manageing partner ocasionally teaches for the AMA on management topic’s includeing busness ethic’s, but if you want LEGAL topic’s, and you are in NYC, I recomend one of the local Bar Associations. The manageing partner has been talkeing about trying to get some judge’s together to put on a program about WC law, but so far nada. He figure’s out it would be great for busness if our firm’s name were up with alot of WC judge’s b/c then all the companie’s would come flockeing to us for busness. YAY if it ever come’s off.
Right now, our onley conection to the bar association is the manageing partner’s freind, who send’s us blank CLE forms we can keep in our desk drawer just in case we ever need to prove we have enough CLE credit’s. Since we just got audited by the IRS, the manageing partner asked me to check to see how many difernet CLE’s we have in the folder b/c we could get hit by lightening twice with another audit, but I do NOT think so.
Myrna think’s Willem is a littel to formal and does NOT think I could live in Belgum as his house frow. I am not crazy about this, but he is the onley one that is interested in Children and in setteling down NOW, and that is important to me, tho going to Belgum is not my idea of a great place to be. Mabye Paris or Rome, but Belgum? I do NOT think so. Is there anyone in the HIVE from Belgum who can tell me it is OK for a young American to go there and get MARRIED to be a house frow?
I spoke with Grandma Trudy, and she said I need to have children very soon, even tho I am a profesional, she had mom when she was onley 22, and she was considered OLD back then. She pray’s for me every night that I will find a man to MARRY me and she is willing to teach me how to do what Willem wants for his wife. I am not a big cooker or cleaner, but I can be a mother to our children and I supose I could learn to cook and clean, but that mean’s I would have to give all of this up. FOOEY!

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